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April 20, 2006:
G Salesperson Splits Killing Profits?
by Drexanne Evers, CRB
Are salesperson splits killing your profits?

April 19, 2006:
G How to Wake Up a Sleeping Office
by Drexanne Evers, CRB
How to motivate sales associates for higher productivity

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April/May 2007:
  Securing the Sale on Your Real Estate Firm
by Gail Snyder
pp 24-29
Learn how and why to run your business as if you are selling it, even if you have no intention of doing so.

Are you the broker/owner of a real estate firm with dreams of selling your business and/or retiring? Even if you aren't planning on doing either for years, you should be running your business as though you were doing so tomorrow, according to Drexanne Evers, ABR, ABRM, CRB, a nationally recognized expert on real estate topics who specializes in determining the value of real estate brokerage firms. "I feel that every brokerage owner should groom his or her company for a sale at all times even if they never plan to sell," Evers says. "It's the best thing they can do for their companies."

Evers should know. She's been in the real estate business in a variety of capacities for 34 years, including 15 years as a Master Instructor with the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers (CRB Council). As an instructor, she was often bombarded with questions during and after class from her students, inspiring the establishment of her consulting company Drexanne Evers International which provides financial analysis and operations evaluation to real estate brokerage firms. Evers points out that the essential reason broker/owners should operate as though their businesses will soon be on the market is not only to find out how much their companies are worth, but to discover and correct any problems that may be limiting profits.

January/February 2008:
  Improving Profitability: Turning Red to Black
by Lon Mills
pp 26-32
Formula for profitability; surviving periods of lower GCI

Turning Red to Black: Improve profitability in 2008!

The path to profitability is never an easy one to navigate. It comes with twists, turns, hurdles and obstacles encountered by every entrepreneur, CEO and business manager. That navigation becomes easier once armed with the proper "compass" and the proper tools for attaining and maintaining profitability.

Brokerage managers, brokers and owners are expected to be leaders along this path. While most have proven talent and skills needed for attaining success in the real estate industry, the skill set is not always applicable to making a brokerage profitable.

Formula for Profitability: Surviving periods of lower GCI

It turns out, there is a formula for improving profitability. Just ask Drexanne Evers ABR, CRB, president of Drexanne Evers International based in Clarksville, Ohio. She is a real estate brokerage consultant, CRB Master Instructor and past president of the CRB Council, with 30 years of experience as a real estate associate, manager and broker. Evers helps firms rein in their expenses to sustain or increase profitability, even in a down market.


Building Profits
“Financial statements are like smoke detectors. Be sure you review them every month and remain alert for items you need to investigate.”

Salesperson Splits Killing Profits?
“Smart brokers have reengineered their salespeople’s compensation to keep that compensation attractive but the overall company profitable.”

Calculating the Value of Your Firm
“...you have to be making money before someone will come in and pay for anything but your desks and chairs and equipment.”

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