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Drexanne Evers is a real estate consultant who provides complete audits of real estate brokerage firms and suggests possible changes within the company to increase efficiency and productivity, with increased profitability as the ultimate goal. Realtor Evers is responsible for analyzing and evaluating all of a firm’s functions and financial matters to help increase the bottom line. She is a well-known lecturer on real estate topics and has spoken at many conventions. Drexanne holds an MBA degree from Xavier University in Cincinnati.

Ms. Evers has been an Ohio real estate broker for 34 years. She began her multi-faceted real estate career as a sales associate. She then moved on to become a sales trainer for two large Cincinnati real estate firms and then became a sales manager of a branch office. In one calendar year Drexanne’s branch office went from 18 salespeople to 53 salespeople. She was then promoted to Senior Vice President with the Sibcy Cline Company, a 20 office real estate firm in Cincinnati, where she was in charge of recruiting, training, marketing and personnel.

Realtor Evers is a past president of the Warren County, Ohio, Board of Realtors and a former REALTOR of the year. She is a master instructor with the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers, teaching real state management subjects internationally. Drexanne is past president of the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers. She owns her own consulting firm, Drexanne Evers International.


Building Profits
“Financial statements are like smoke detectors. Be sure you review them every month and remain alert for items you need to investigate.”

Salesperson Splits Killing Profits?
“Smart brokers have reengineered their salespeople’s compensation to keep that compensation attractive but the overall company profitable.”

Calculating the Value of Your Firm
“...you have to be making money before someone will come in and pay for anything but your desks and chairs and equipment.”

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